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He looked at their entwined hands—he hadn’t wanted to pull away—and their thighs, pressed together despite there being plenty of room in the backseat of the cab.

That scent of Victor’s cologne—just a dab, lightly applied somewhere on his neck—swirled around him.

"I want to go trick-and-treating."Yuuri purses his lips.

"Victor, you're too—" Too old, is what Yuuri wants to say, but he chokes it back.

The Yakov Feltsman, otherwise known as the coach to rising figure skating star -- and Yuuri's idol -- Viktor Nikiforov.(It occurred to me that I should say that the title is not a typo.It's not like it's the real Viktor Nikiforov, anyway.He knows someone is catfishing him, but he still falls ridiculously in love. Captain Victor Nikiforov, an intelligence operative for the NKVD, has been trapped in Berlin by the German invasion of the USSR.1963 (The mole and the car) / A Kisvakond és a szőnyeg - Krtek a koberec.1974 (The mole and the carpet) / A Kisvakond és a tojás - Krtek a vejce.

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It doesn’t help that Viktor is from Soviet Russia, with their communist regime, and Yuuri is from a society where old traditions must find a way to thrive in the modern world. Viktor neglected his life and love for twenty years, though to his credit, his career had never afforded him either of those privileges.